Faqs about CCCC

Craftsbury Community Care Center FAQs

What is Craftsbury Community Care Center?
We are a local non-profit facility founded to provide a retirement living alternative that offers seniors and their family security and peace of mind.  Residents live in their own rooms while receiving the level of service needed to maintain their independence. Residential care communities, such as CCCC, offer extensive and varied services tailored to each individual including help with medication and daily activities such as dressing, grooming, and bathing as needed.

How many residents are there?
We have 24 private rooms – couples may be accommodated in a single room or adjoining rooms, if available.

What does the Care Center offer?
Amenities include three delicious home cooked meals a day often prepared from locally grown fresh food, a salad bar at the noon meal, evening snacks, scheduled events/entertainment, crafts and activities, housekeeping/laundry services and transportation as needed.

We have a common dining room, library, television room, and a large community room  as well as a small kitchen/dining area available for the residents’ use.  Gardens surround our building which is located on 8 acres of beautiful wooded and landscaped countryside.

Resident rooms each have a private bath, patios individual heating controls, basic television service and wi-fi. Satellite television and phone services may be purchased through individual carriers.

Are there medical and healthcare services?
We have an RN present or on call 24 hours a day. A nurse aide is on the premises at all times.  Medication management is available as needed. Our goal is to provide whatever our seniors need to live comfortably and with dignity. Residents are responsible for having their own personal physician. If needed, staff will contact the doctor and arrange for appointments or changes in medication. Emergency transportation services are available to local hospitals. 

How expensive is it?
Our rates are modest with some rooms reserved for people of limited income. Please contact us for our current room rates. 

How often is the monthly fee raised?
The Board of Directors and Executive Director review the budget annually to determine if an increase will be necessary for the following year.

What kind of security is there?
Each room and bath is equipped with a sophisticated emergency alert system for an immediate response.  A dedicated and caring staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fire alert system connects directly to the fire department.  The building has  sprinklers and smoke detectors in all rooms. 

How many square feet are in each room? 
There are two basic room designs. One design has a 241 square feet bedroom, 10 foot long closet and bathroom of 40 square feet with a tub and shower. The second, with a handicapped 50 square foot walk-in shower, has a bedroom with 216 square feet and a 10 foot long closet. 

Is a Security Deposit required?
Yes, we ask for a security deposit which is refundable when you leave, assuming the room does not require any repairs. 

Are there kitchens in the rooms so that residents can cook if they choose?
All meals are provided in our sunny dining room. If preferred, residents may do their own laundry.

Is there laundry service? 
Yes, it’s included in the monthly fee. If preferred, residents may do your own laundry in the facility’s machines. 

Is there a storage area for residents?
There is a limited amount of space available in the basement.

Is there housekeeping service available? 
Yes, it’s included in the monthly fee. Our housekeeping staff will tidy the room, change the bed linens, dust, clean the bathroom and vacuum.

Do you have cable television?
No – but an antenna on the building makes it possible for you to receive several local stations at no cost. Satellite television services may be purchased through individual carriers.

Is Internet available?
Yes, the building is wired for Wi-Fi. 

Does the Care Center provide respite care? 
Yes, when rooms are available. A minimum two week stay is required.

Are the rooms furnished? 
Residents normally provide their own furniture, linens and curtains. However if that poses a problem, arrangements for furniture can be made with the Director.

Are guests permitted to eat with me in the dining rooms? If so, what is the cost?
Yes, guests are always welcome in the main dining room or in the private dining room when available. Please call ahead whenever possible to make a reservation. The fee is minimal. 

Do you cater to special diets? 
The chef does take into account the special dietary needs of each resident. 

Is there assigned seating in the dining room?
Yes, however we do all we can to make certain that the seating arrangement are satisfactory. 

Is there an age requirement?
No, but most residents are over 65.

Is smoking permitted?
The Care Center is a smoke-free facility, including all grounds. 

Are pets permitted?
Yes, cats and dogs weighing less than 25 pounds are allowed as well as birds and fish. Residents are responsible for the care of their pet and cleaning up after it, inside the Care Center and out-of-doors. 

Are there individual heating and air conditioning controls in each unit?
All rooms are equipped with individual heating controls. Residents may put in an individual air conditioner.

If I become ill, what happens?
Staff is available around the clock; each room is provided with emergency call system in both the bedroom and the bathroom. If specialized care is needed temporarily, staff will help arrange for it through a home health agency.

If I'm ill, will meals be brought to my room?
Yes, meals can be served in the resident’s room on a temporary basis.

Does the Care Center furnish transportation?
There are a limited number of volunteers who will drive residents to scheduled doctor and dentist visits. Any help from resident families is greatly appreciated.

Are there recreation and exercise rooms?
Yes, there are areas for daily activities.

What do the residents do for phone services?
Residents may have a telephone installed in their room and the monthly service will be billed to you by the telephone company. 

What kind of activities are there?
We have outstanding activity coordinators who keep a very busy and diversified weekly calendar.  The events range from mind and body exercise programs to movies, musical programs, arts and craft sessions to visits from young students in the area.

Are wheelchairs allowed?
The entire residence is wheelchair friendly. 

Is there a beauty salon or barber shop? 
Barber and beauty services are available on the premises and are billed directly to the resident.

Who pays for the utilities?
All utilities are included in the monthly fee.

Are young children allowed to visit?
This is your home. Family and friends are always welcome.

Rest of the Story… 
Craftsbury Community Care Center offers you an exciting, nurturing alternative to living alone.  It provides the privacy of your own apartment, and the safety and reassurance of knowing someone is always present should immediate assistance is required. Whether it is a short stay while recuperating or making it your permanent home, the Care Center provide a welcoming, comfortable and secure place to live.